Authors' Guide | 作者指南

1. Template Download


ICIPCE 2018 has been listed on the MATEC conference list! (Read More)

2. Steps for Paper Submission:

  • Create an Easychair account. (For new user),
  • Click on the following link URL :
  • Enter Easychair user name and password
  • Go to new submission
  • Fill the details and upload the paper in pdf
  • Wait for the response from ICIPCE 2018 Team

For any inquiry about the conference, please feel free to contact us at:

3. Manuscript Preparation Instructions

NOTE: Manuscripts that do not conform to the formatting guidelines below (PDF format, at least 4 pages, margins, font size, embedded fonts etc.) will be removed from further consideration without review.

1. Please run the paper formatting check on Electronic Submission System yourself by clicking on the printer Printer Icon under the Check Format column in the Files row in the basic paper view page.

2. Manuscript should NOT have: (1) Headers (2) Footers (3) Page numbers

3. During the initial paper submission process via Electronic Submission System, the authors are required to make sure the pdf file and Electronic Submission System registration page of a paper have the same list of authors and the paper title. Be certain to add all authors in Electronic Submission System during the submission process.

4. Each paper should have no less than 4 pages normally, including all figures, tables, and references. One regular registration is within FIVE Pages. Extra pages will be charged. 

4. Notice

Please read the entire template carefully to verify that your paper document is formatted correctly and that you have all the information you need before starting your paper submission. The paper kit contains detailed instructions on formatting your document and completing the submission process, as well as a description of how the review process works and how to prepare for your presentation at the conference if your paper is accepted.


1. Registration Files | 注册资料

Registration Form for Author: 1. ICIPCE2018reg.doc 2. matecconf_copyright.pdf

Registration Form for Presenter or Listener: ICIPCE2018reg-listener or presenter.doc

2. Registration Information | 注册信息


Categories  Early Birds
Before May 10th, 2018 
Regular Registration
After May 10th, 2018   
(Students & Committees)
420 USD / 2800 RMB  480 USD/ 3200 RMB  
450 USD / 3000 RMB  500 USD/ 3400 RMB  
Presentation Only   320 USD/ 2100 RMB  350 USD/ 2400 RMB  
Listeners   270 USD/ 1800 RMB  300 USD/ 2000 RMB 
Additional Paper(s)   350 USD/ 2400 RMB  350 USD/ 2400 RMB 
Additional Page  70 USD / 450 RMB / One Page  70 USD / 450 RMB / One Page 
Extra Proceedings  80 USD/ 500 RMB / Per One  80 USD/ 500 RMB / Per One 
One Day Tour in Shanghai   N/A  30USD /200 RMB /Per Person 


3. Important Notes | 重要提醒

One regular registration is within FIVE Pages including all figures, tables, and references. Extra pages will be charged.

Each Accepted paper needs registration by at least one of its authors for publication.

Registration fees do not include travel expenses.

Please send the required documents: a. final paper; b. signed copyright form; c. filled registration form; d. payment proof to to finish the registration.

Please note that the paid registration fee is nonrefundable if you can not participate in the conference.


What's News | 新鲜事


Papers of ICIPCE2018 were published by MATEC Web of Conferences Volume 214 (Read More)

ICIPCE 2018 was successfully held in Shanghai, China during July 27-29, 2018!!

Submission deadline of ICIPCE 2018 has been extended to May 30, 2018 !

ICIPCE 2018 has been listed on the MATEC conference list! (Read More)

ICIPCE 2018 will be held in Shanghai, China during July 27-29, 2018!! | 2018年第二届信息处理与控制工程国际会议将于2018年7月27-29日在中国上海召开.

ICIPCE 2015 was successfully held in Bauman Moscow State Technical University, Russia during April 17-19, 2015!

Important Dates | 重要日期

Submission Deadline:   May 30th, 2018   Acceptance Notice:   June 15th, 2018  
Registration Due:   June 25th, 2018  Conference Dates:    July 27-29, 2018